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Glow Wax Polish

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Introducing: GLOWAX floor and furniture polish

Glowax and Nu-shine are wax made polishes that can be used on floors stoeps and furniture. They come in 5 colors and sizes ranging from 400ml to 20l the product is simple and quick to use and all products leave ur home smelling good and floors and furniture will be left with glass like shine which would catch any eye.

Pine Gel


Glowax Pine Gelis a blend of natural soaps, combined with the purest grade of pine oil to clean and disinfect all washable surfaces, economically and efficiently, in one operation. It is a highly concentrated bactericidal cleaner, widely used in hotels, offices, sport centres and schools for the daily maintenance of floors. The Glowax superior formula cuts through grease grime oils scuff marks practically anything. Unlike our competitors we have stuck to the original way of producing our pine gel we use 100% pure pine oil in our formulation no fragrance or additives thus u get a powerful cleaner that not only cleans but also disinfects aswell as leaving ur home with a fresh smell of pine. 

Splash dish washing liquid


Splash dish washing liquid is a powerful cleaner for your entire kitchen. With its powerful lemon grease and grime cutting formula cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dish will be a breeze .

  • Brushware

    ImageWe also keep an array of brush ware and house hold items.

The rest of the family


V&R also has a range of automotive cleaning chemicals namely car shampoo and tyre polish. we also produce shoe polish . We keep most of your house hold chemicals eg ammoniated cleaner (handy Andy) bleach fabric softener and the list goes on. We also keep an array of brush ware and house hold items. We can get anything you want so if u want it give us a call.

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