Who We Are

Our History

V&R Chemical specialists was founded by Vincent Chetty in 1998 starting small as a supplier of chemicals to schools and prisons he spotted a gap in the market for polish it was then that he decided to venture on to build the company known as V&R Chemicals and bring to life the glowax brand which grew into one of the well known household brands in the rural and underprivileged areas his dream was to help those in the areas by providing them with quality products at low prices. later on he also introduced glowax pine gel to add that fresh spring scent to your home and the nu-shine brand found exclusively at Cambridge and Swiss stores tyre polish and shoe polish was also added to the list . the glowax brand is the number 1 seller at Africa cash&carry as well as Jumbo and can also be found at your local super market. 

However in 2011 the company was taken over by the family and has since introduced a chemical sector specializing in almost all cleaning chemicals thus bringing life to the brand splash which range from dish washing liquid to amoniated cleaner (handyandy) bleach pool acid black dip car shampoo carpet shampoo and the list goes on. we specialize in bulk sales and mostly supply the government eg schools hospitals clinics prisons correctional services as well as mines and other private corporations 

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